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Jason Lane Band

The Jason Lane Band is a contemporary Blues band from Vancouver, Canada. Bringing elements of the 80s and 90s back to life with their exhilarating sound, the Jason Lane Band pushes the modern-day boundaries of Blues-infused Rock. 

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Recording Artists Guild Digital Magazine

"A new EP release from Jason Lane Band brings on some emotionally driven classic feeling hits in the form of rock driven singles that each have their own vibe but all fall into this catchy and real classic rock undertone with some excellent guitar work and an energy that becomes quickly addictive." Read Review.

Canadian Beats

"The album starts strong with “Choose Another Lover,” which is an upbeat rockin’ tune with lyrics belted out by vocalist Chantal Sayers. This is the type of song you cannot help but move with and sing along with." Read Review

Fraser Valley Blues Society

"Each of the songs on this EP provide excellent lyric composition and music true to this band’s own style. If you like music that makes you move, this is for you!" Read Review


"This women has one strong voice on her big time. I am loving this tune and the 80s hard rock vibes here."

"It's just a great sounding song. Very nostalgic. It reminded me of a Joan Jett or George Thorogood song. The music goes well with her voice."

"I like how the electric guitar brings a highly engaging sound to the song's instrumentation. The artists vocals are very explosive as well."

"Loved the guitar work in the beginning of the song. Great vibe overall to the music and the voice of the singer is beautiful and very enjoyable. This would definitely go into my personal playlist for the next road trip."

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